SmartPlug Cordset With Twist-Type Park Power Connector

The SmartPlug cordset provides a complete weatherproof power solution. The cordset includes the SmartPlug connector for the RV Side and an RV Park Power connector for the power pedestal.

  • Multi -Point Locking System – Side clips lock the plug body securely into the inlet which eliminates any stress on the electrical connection from movement of the power cord.
  • Weatherproof Seals – Multi-fin silicone gaskets installed in the interior of the plug body eliminate any water penetration when plug is connected to inlet.
  • High Performance/Flame Resistant Materials – Inlet material chars when exposed to open flame. Does not ignite into a flame.
  • Blue LED Power Indicator Light–Dual LED bulbs.

Additional information


30 Amp, 50 Amp


No Inlet, Stainless, White Inlet, Gray Inlet, Black Inlet


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